Limitless Equipment Mark 1 Survival Kit

Posted: November 06, 2019
Limitless Equipment Mark 1 Survival Kit
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Survival kit? With a, what's that, a flowery dead guy on it? Are we back in 2011, filling our bug out bags and planning for the zombie apocalypse? Nah. Now we're in 2019, where the risk of an actual apocalypse, caused by real things happening on earth rather than an uprising of horror and sci-fi's finest, is even greater than it was a decade ago. Tomorrow you might truly need one of Limitless Equipment's Mark 1 Survival Kits.

More importantly, the ultra-functional Mark 1 could come in handy on camping weekends, hunting trips, and other outdoor excursions even when forces beyond your control don't draw you into their reign of terror. On account of the flowery part of the flowery dead guy on the survival kit's storage tin, plus an adorably small 2.75" x 3.94" x 1.6" size, I might go so far as to recommend it as a gift for your girlfriend.

The Mark 1 Survival Kit contains over 40 items for safety backup, including 6.5' of Tacti-Glow Firecord. This cord is a Limitless Equipment exclusive, a 550, 7-strand paracord with a paraffin waxed jute core for fire starting even when wet, plus a reflective exterior.

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