LifeBox UltraCharge Power Bank & Car Jump Starter

Posted: December 07, 2014
LifeBox UltraCharge Power Bank & Car Jump Starter

The LifeBox UltraCharge is a 3-in-1 companion for times when cruising the open road turns into getting stuck on the side of the road. Its 10,000 mAH battery serves as both a charger for electronics, plus a jump starter for cars that go kaput, and its built-in LED flashlight steps in when the crap luck strikes at night. The power bank is also highly portable, small enough to fit in a backpack or glovebox.

Fully juiced, a LifeBox UltraCharge can re-up smartphones, tablets, cameras, camcorders, GPS units, MP3 players, wireless headphones, and portable gaming systems. Its 1A USB port charges all mobile devices, and a 2.1A USB port takes care of tablets. The UltraCharge can also charge two separate devices simultaneously.

As a jump starter the UltraCharge connects fairly simply to jumper cables to revive car batteries in seconds. LifeBox says one full UltraCharge can deliver multiple jumps, and standby battery power lasts for around 6 months.

UltraCharge packages include: 1 x Main Jump Starter Device; 1 x Jump Start Cable; 1 x USB Adapter Cable; 1 x iPhone 4 USB Cable; 1 x Micro USB Plug; 1 x AC Charger; and 1 x DC Charger.

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