Lansky BladeMedic Knife Sharpener

Posted: April 24, 2014
Lansky BladeMedic Knife Sharpener
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Over 300 Lansky BladeMedic knife sharpener reviewers have geeked out and waxed poetic about its astute capabilities and all-around magnificence. As for me, the last time I tried to sharpen a steak knife I lost a small nub off the top of my left pointer finger, so suffice it to say, I haven't spent much time honing blades since. There's not a lot I can tell you about the BladeMedic that these avid online-shopping outdoorsmen cannot. Except that asking a girl if she'll kiss your slightly hacked off finger is not a good conversation starter.

The BladeMedic enables portable field reparation of all types of knife blades. This includes both regular and serrated, as well as blades used for gut hooks, hunting, and fishing. Made of tungsten carbide with ceramic sharpening rods, the sharpener should be able to restore razor edges in 3 to 4 strokes. A specific rod is included for serrated blades, and can readily access the insides of even the smallest serrations.

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