Posted: May 12, 2014
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You're still on your own for keeping yourself from falling off the ladder, but at least with LadderLimb your buckets, bags, and drills will be safe from gravity's pull. A tool for every handyman and Daddy-O, the LadderLimb is a 12" rubberized arm that fits into the hollowed rungs of most any ladder to provide a stable storage point for objects that can clasp onto its end-dangling carabiner.

LadderLimbs fit into the right or left rungs of full outdoor ladders, plus some step ladders, to reduce the burden of up-top tasks that require multiple additional tools. Painting, window-washing, home repairs, Clark Griswolding the Christmas lights. Since the inserted portion of the Limb is rubberized, it maintains traction when in use and won't slip off and break its back like your wife says you will if you wear those leather-soled shoes to clean the gutters. LadderLimbs can hold items weighing up to 22 pounds.

A Dude Father's Day, or other day, gift for Dad pick.

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