Kootek Self-Defense Flashlight

Posted: October 29, 2016
Kootek Self-Defense Flashlight

Need a knife, a hammer, and a self defense club in a flash? Then you might want to carry Kootek's knife, hammer, and self defense club in a flash...light.

The multifunctional flashlight's XM-L T6 Cree LEDs burn 800 lumens in high, low, and strobe modes up to 500', plus are zoomable for pinpointed illumination. The light is also IP65 waterproof.

Unscrew the 12" flashlight's center seam, and you'll unsheath a 9-1/2" tactical aluminum alloy knife with a 3-1/2" long serrated blade. Use it to cut through rope, saw up some kindling, cut you up some steak--cooked or still raw and attached to its host--for dinner.

The Kooltek flashlight end doubles as an attack head, as does its tail end's hammer, which can be used to break window glass during emergencies, or whack a bad dude or animal on the offensive.

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