Kerye Folding Hand Saw

Posted: June 19, 2023
Kerye Folding Hand Saw
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How do you pronounce "Kerye," the name of this folding hand saw? I sure hope, in a nod to Mister Mister, it's "Keer-ee." As in, Kerye eleison down the road that I must travel / Kerye eleison through the darkness of the night / Kerye eleison where I'm going, will you follow? / Kerye eleison on a highway in the night.

But it's probably not. In my experience, not too many things are done in a nod to Mister Mister.

The Kerye Folding Hand Saw is nearly pocket-sized at 6.3" long when shut. Its 3-sided serrated saw blade measures 5.5" long, and 0.23" thick, and is made of SK5 steel. Used for woodworking, home repairs, or outdoor pursuits, the blade can cut through materials ranging from soft woods to hard woods to PVC piping, thanks to different shaping on 2 of its sides. One side has triple- and the other double-beveled teeth.

And ebony handle secures the blade of the Kerye Folding Hand Saw, and a safety latch holds it open and closed.

Muchas danke to The Awesomer.

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