Jeri-Rigg Tie-Downs

Posted: September 02, 2017
Jeri-Rigg Tie-Downs
$15.95 - $21.95
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Jeri-Rigg your whole life with this multi-functional tie-down / anchor point / attachment point / strap straight outta Chassell, Michigan. The Jeri-Rigg system pairs with securing tools such as bungee cords, tie-down straps, lanyards, ropes, netting, carabiners, webbing straps, chains, or anything else you can stick through its end loop bullseye. The Jeri-Rigg itself then wraps and secures around a similarly long list of structural objects.

Jeri-Rigg applications include:

  • Travel. Attach a bungee cord or tie-down straps to secure items to your vehicle's roof or bed, or tow them behind you.
  • Garage. Mount, hang, and go clutter-free.
  • Job Sites. Create multiple attachment points, organize equipment.
  • Around the House. Hang and secure items, from luggage to paint buckets, permanently or temporarily.
  • Recreational Activities. Jeri-Rigg your tent to a tree during windy conditions, or Jeri-Rigg your kid's sled to your snowmobile this winter for the best ever way to go over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house.

Jeri-Rigg tie-downs come in 4 different lengths.

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