Jerax Tools Kindling Cracker - Wood Splitting Drill Bit

Posted: May 11, 2022
Jerax Tools Kindling Cracker - Wood Splitting Drill Bit
$19.50 - $26.99
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Trade in the ax for a Jerax. The Jerax Tools Kindling Cracker doesn't have the same heartwarming story behind it as Ayla Hutchinson's Kindling Cracker, but as a wood-splitting drill bit, rather than an entire apparatus unto itself, the Jerax Tools solution to feeding a fire might be the more space- and cost-conscious option for you.

Available in 32mm and 42mm sizes, Jerax Tools Kindling Crackers are made of carbon steel with a titanium coating. They're meant for splitting small pieces of firewood into even smaller shards, and Jerax notes that softer woods, such as pine, respond to the drilling bit best. Corded drills with more power also tend to get the job done better than cordless models.

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