Impromptu Tactical Pen

Posted: October 03, 2013
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Anymore, the ability to write is a mere secondary attribute of a great pen. I might want to scribble a note to buy more Fresca every now and then, but mostly I'm using pens like POLAR as anything from a magnetic toy to a protractor, Bics to cap off with a fork and eat my lunch, and Gerber's Impromptu to bust through my driver's side window when I forget I'm not supposed to burn relaxing aromatherapy candles in my car, even when it's not moving and I just wanted to take a quick nap in the parking lot before my annual review.

The Impromptu Tactical Pen can accommodate a Russian novelist on a socio-political rampage, or it can aid a systems analyst getting mugged as he waits for the bus home from work. Gerber constructs its spring-loaded ball point's outer shell from machined steel molded with a tempered window-shattering tip. The pen can also write, smash, and impale upside down and in the rain.

Muchas danke to Bless This Stuff.

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