HyperWhistle - World's Loudest Whistle

Posted: February 26, 2018
HyperWhistle - World's Loudest Whistle
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The HyperWhistle takes its World's Loudest Whistle title not from Guinness, but from a mustachioed dude with a sound meter doing a review on YouTube. In the video, he hits a "personal best" 143 decibels with the HyperWhistle, and while I don't know if there are louder lung-powered noisemakers out there, I do know that 143 decibels is louder than a police siren, a jet engine, and fireworks.

But not quite as loud as Italian conversation, the Civilization V opening theme, and a shampoo bottle falling off the ledge in the shower, according to the world of memes.

In addition to its peak output, the HyperWhistle says it has an audible range of over 2 miles. That's great news for people lost in the woods or broken down on a boat, but terrible news for those within a 2 mile radius of an 8-year-old kid whose uncle gave him a HyperWhistle for his birthday.

The ultraloud signaler blows in all environments, including underwater, making it an ideal companion for lifeguards, surfers, and boaters, as well as hikers, campers, and referees. HyperWhistles come with hearing protectors.

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