Hexflex Snowflake Pocket Tool

Posted: November 06, 2018
Hexflex Snowflake Pocket Tool
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Now this is a special snowflake. Though originally designed for snowboarders, creators of the HexFlex found that carrying the pocket multi-tool around on their keychains drew the admiration of those who might not be into snow sports, but were into adorable pocket multi-tools. Especially during stocking stuffing season.

Also, snowboarders found their 15-in-1 tiny tool came in handy for more than just tightening bindings on the slopes. With screwdrivers and wrenches, a box cutter and a bottle opener all packed into 2 inches of "nature's perfect shape" the HexFlex is a useful piece of EDC for anyone who wants a Jack Frost-approved way to keep tools on hand.

The HexFlex multi-tool is made of titanium and weighs 2.3 ounces. Check it out at the link above for a complete rundown of the 15 tools included.

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