Hardcore Survivalist Hatchet

Posted: September 28, 2016
Hardcore Survivalist Hatchet
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What's in a name? If you're the Hardcore Survivalist Hatchet, at least enough to get me to click on you when I see you in my Amazon search results. I hope a 19-ounce head and 18" American Hickory curved handle will make me look the part enough to score me a spot on someone's team when the apocalypse hits too.

Hardcore Hammers' Hardcore Survivalist Hatchet is made from 4140 tool steel, which the company points out is sometimes called "ordinance steel" after its use in breech and barrel parts for guns and cannons. The hatchet is ground to within a plus or minus 0.005" tolerance, and its curved blade is equally capable of chopping and splitting wood.

The hatchet incorporates a nail / tent stake puller, and its hammer end has Hardcore Hammers' patented recessed striking face. It's also small enough to fit in a backpack.

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