Handy Camel Bag Clip

Posted: March 18, 2017
Handy Camel Bag Clip
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Know what needs a Great. Big. Hug? Your bag of kitty litter. Your bag of BBQ charcoal. And the potting mix and ice melt. But if you don't like hugging and lugging your giant bags of home and garden crap around your home and garden, clip on a Handy Camel and give them a sturdy handle made to let you carry them like a household supply rather than a firstborn child.

Handy Camel says its Bag Clips are "immensely strong," able to support the weight of bags weighing up to 40 pounds. The "teeth" that latch onto bag tops have a no-tear design that won't puncture even thin plastic potting mix bags.

Handy Camel Bag Clips were created by sheep farmers consistently struggling with heavy bags of feed, grain, fertilizer, and dog food. The polypropylene plastic clips have soft grip handles to make all of these sacks o' stuff less cumbersome and uncomfortable to carry, plus keep them from spilling if they fall over during storage. When you want to use a bag's contents you can also clip the Camel on at an angle to create a pour spout.

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