Hammaka Trailer Hitch Stand

Posted: June 07, 2016
Hammaka Trailer Hitch Stand
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It's not just a trailer hitch-amabob, it's an investment in relaxation. To make good use of a Hammaka Trailer Hitch Stand purchase you'll also need a couple of those hammock hanging chairs (Hammakas themselves, if you're drinking all of this company's Kool-Aid.) Or maybe just a swath of fabric and some bungees if you're the DIY type. But a couple hundos later, it's all about hitting the campgrounds, the fishing hole, the tailgate, or the side of the road for some serious leisure time with your lady. Or your friend Cornelius. Or your truck.

The Hammaka stand attaches to any standard 2" hitch receiver. It's made of powder-coated steel, and each arm has a 250-pound hold-and-sway capacity. The assembly arrives in 3 pieces, and takes 10 minutes or less to install.

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