Guardman Bicycle Multi-Tool

Posted: October 07, 2017
Guardman Bicycle Multi-Tool
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To be clear, Guardman's Bicycle Multi-Tool isn't a multi-tool specific to bike repairs, it's a multi-tool shaped like a bike. As in, Ding, ding! Move over Leathermen and SAKs, it's time to add a bike lane to your pocket, keychain, and Christmas stocking space!

For the record, I despise bike lines. And the thought of them is making me feel some animosity towards this multi-tool, which probably works just fine and will make the cycling-obsessed very happy. It has a cutout on the front wheel for keychain attachment, and is a super slim 0.09". The bicycle's tools include a can opener, ruler, mirror, Phillips screwdriver, slotted screwdriver, and small and large wrenches.

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