Grizzly Robotic Utility Vehicle

Posted: April 02, 2013

Maybe the coolest thing about the Grizzly Robotic Utility Vehicle is that it's smaller than it looks. Like, I could sit on it and make it drive me around, profiting from its design as an all-electric workhorse with the precision of a factory robot, but I probably wouldn't be that comfortable. I like to travel in comfort. Instead, I will use my Grizzly--just waiting for the comped model to arrive from Clearpath--to haul my cache of tactical bleeding zombie targets and Super Shorty shotguns over terrains rugged and treacherous, putting its 1,320-pound payload and 12 mph max speed to the ultimate test.

Originally implemented as a military, mining, and agricultural vehicle, the Grizzly has a peak horsepower of 80 and a maximum continuous drawbar pull of 1400 lbf. That means it makes a good donkey and a good Derek Poundstone . Other specs of note:

  • 4 wheel drive with individual closed loop control and odometry at each wheel.
  • Internal sensors to provide feedback on the robot's state.
  • 16-degree front axle articulation allows Grizzly to roll over large obstacles without lifting its wheels off the ground.
  • Replaceable flat top-plates, which allow users to mount any sensor they want. Surface area is 1.07 square meters.
  • Onboard 5/12/24/48 V user power, plus vehicle wide Ethernet and USB connectivity
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