Gerber Processor Take-A-Part Fishing Shears

Posted: October 26, 2018
Gerber Processor Take-A-Part Fishing Shears
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I'm no fisherman, but I am a man who eats a lot of fish. And I love no fish more than the freshwater trout. Mmmm, Gerber Processor Shears that baby down, clean it up, slice off the fillets, and saute them up with some lemon, garlic, and butter. Then do it all again. Trout flesh is so light and delicate! I can easily get through 3 whole ones on my own.

And I'd offer any fisherman who can catch them wild and serve them fresh the tool to do it with in Gerber's Processor, a set of take-a-part fishing shears that also packs in a host of other easy-access cleaning, prepping, and bait tools. In addition to "scissoring" as a cohesive unit, the Processor also breaks apart into 2 arms, revealing:

  • A gut hook for opening up fish to clean and de-gut them.
  • A ground-in scaler.
  • An exposed fine edge blade (the standard scissor function also has a fin clipper feature).

The Processor shears have an ergonomic handle with Hydro Tread Grip, allowing for use without hand fatigue, as well as traction and water wicking. Gerber recommends the shears for kayak, bank, flat, and fly fishermen.

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