Gerber Center-Drive Multi-Tool

Posted: November 14, 2016
Gerber Center-Drive Multi-Tool
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Gerber's new Center-Drive Multi-Tool is going to be the Zyllion shiatsu massage pillow of the 2016 holiday season. That is, the gift you unwrap and think, Hey, cool, thankee, Mama! and then you use it once and think, Oh holy Santa's Sack! How did I ever survive the trials and tribulations of first world life without this thing?! Just my personal opinion, but given that Gerber is already having trouble keeping the foldidng flock of full-size tools in stock, I'd be willing to put a fat Abe Lincoln on the prediction.

The Center-Drive Multi-Tool goes for function over flash, real life and real work over a fancy wad of metal you might pull out to file a hangnail or snip off a loose shirt thread once or twice a week. It has a one-thumb opening mechanism and 3 full-size tools on deck for quick deployment: pliers; blades; and a screwdriver. Gerber has also fitted the Center-Drive with with a 3.2" magnetic bit driver that opens in alignment with the center axis of the tool to deliver the same torque and rotation of a standard screwdriver. The magnetic bits are also interchangeable with standard bits.

Center-Drive construction takes place in Portland, OR.

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