Friendly Swede Eye Knife Grenade

Posted: June 17, 2014
Friendly Swede Eye Knife Grenade
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It's the Friendly Swede! With sharp eye knife! The Friendly Swede has added a 2" stainless steel eye knife to its survival grenades. The small, yet practical kits each consist of a carabiner clipped to a knife's jutting eye, whose blade is then cocooned inside an intricately wrapped paracord. Paracord "grenades" also house a collection of other tools to help extract their carriers from sticky, or even SOL situations.

In addition to the eye knife, Friendly Swede survival grenades include:

  • 9' of 500 lb paracord
  • A fire starter and tinder
  • 2 x fishing lines (16+')
  • 2 x fishing weights
  • 2 x fishing swivels
  • 2 x fishing floats
  • 2 x fishing hooks
  • Foil for signaling, cooking, reflecting heat
  • Needle for small repairs or sutures
  • Wire (6-1/2') for trapping, snaring, binding
  • Alcohol pad for disinfection

Friendly Swede grenades clip to pockets or backpacks, or can serve as bulbous keychains. They measure 5.5" long x 1.9" wide x 0.92" thick. Available in 6 colors.

The Friendly Swede eye knife grenade is a top Dude Gift for a Man pick.

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