FreeReel Cord & Hose Management System

Posted: February 14, 2019
FreeReel Cord & Hose Management System
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All the bad boys who don't even miss her, get free. FreeReelin'. Good girls who love your mama, you can FreeReel too. Everybody's free to reel with MPD's versatile cord and hose management system.

The FreeReel wraps and stores the cords, hoses, or cables you already own in a patented system that guarantees to wind and unwind them fast and tangle-free. The spool has the capacity for up to 100' of 12/3 extension cord, 150' of 14/3 extension cord, or 100' of 1/4" polyurethane air hose. You can use the FreeReel with "live" electrical cords without a slip coupling, and with air and water hoses without a rotary union.

FreeReels are designed for use indoors and out, as well as in harsh environments, such as in and around boats / water.

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