FOBO Smart Tire Pressure Monitor

Posted: August 25, 2015
FOBO Smart Tire Pressure Monitor
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FOBO is an acronym for For Our Better wOrld. That's a really dumb acronym. Luckily, the 24/7 Bluetooth tire pressure monitoring system it represents is sweet enough to overcome the branding misstep. And I guess I'll let the improper acronym formation slide too. As a company, FOBO Tire spends a lot of time talking about the importance of a vehicle's tires as the only contact points between it and the road's surface. They also delve into how low tire pressure can reduce fuel efficiency, create poor performance and handling, or leave tire susceptible to punctures and blow-outs while driving. Apparently, there is a statistic out there suggesting tires under-inflated by more than 25% are 3 times more likely to be involved in a crash related to tire problems.

All good data. But you and I both know why we really want a set of FOBO Tire gauges: laziness.

Boy do I hate squatting down and getting my hands all greased up removing tire valves. And screwing around with the pop-out gauge, trying to get it lined up just right so the valve stem won't bend all wonky as soon as I try to depress it. I get at least one ptthh! 10 psi reading on each tire before I fumble the gauge into a measurement I figure is accurate. But with FOBO Tire, these heinous first world inconveniences are no more!

FOBO Tire sensors screw onto all 4 valve stems, replacing your previous caps, and providing continuous, accurate, real-time readings of each tire's pressure whenever you're in Bluetooth range. The DIY system installs in around 5 minutes, with the accompanying FOBO Tire app providing step-by-step instructions once the first sensor is in place. A 2-level theft deterrent security feature includes a mechanical lock nut (requires a proprietary wrench to unscrew) and a cloud-based ID lock.

The FOBO Tire app notifies users if/when a tire's pressure is low, as well as when it suspects a leak. A notification is also sent if one of the sensors goes missing. The FOBO monitoring system can track tire pressure and temperature whether the a vehicle's ignition is on or off. Within the app, it is possible to monitor up to 19 sets of separately installed FOBO Tires, as well as enable up to 100 authorized users to receive readings from the same FOBO Tire.

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