Fat Rope Stick Emergency Fire Starter

Posted: January 15, 2021
Fat Rope Stick Emergency Fire Starter
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You wanna piece of my Fat Rope Stick? Yeah? Yeah? Alright, dude - whack! - here you go. Now rub it between your palms to fluff it up, and go start me a campfire.

Naw, it's cool it's windy and starting to rain. My Fat Rope Stick fire tinder is impervious to inclement weather, and will ignite in all conditions. Firesteel, ferro rod, matches, lighter, my Fat Rope Stick burns for them all.

Sized and packaged for your survival kit, camping kit, or daypack, Procamptek's Fat Rope Stick is a weatherproof firestarter that lights easily, and lasts for multiple uses. Use a knife to cut off a piece of the stick, and then rub the dry pieces together to create a pile of flammables. The Fat Rope Stick's fat outer shell keeps the unused length preserved and tidy inside for subsequent uses. The listing here includes 2 Fat Rope Sticks.

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