Earth Worth 1948 Straight Draw Shave Tool

Posted: March 07, 2019
1948 Earth Worth Straight Draw Shave Tool
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Please keep Earth Worth's 1948 Straight Draw Shave Tool clear of your fingers. And your face. And your friend Cornelius' face. Even if he refuses to shave his gnarly, patchy thatch of beard because he thinks it makes him look more distinguished in the office. This shaving razor is for wood. Uh, do I have to say the kind you find growing outside only?

Ideal for woodworkers and furniture makers, the 1948 Straight Draw Shave Tool strips the outer layers from the likes of logs, firewood, and fence posts. It has a 10" blade length and angled wood grip handles that should feel both comfortable and secure to hold. Mainly though, the wood Shave Tool looks kinda cool. Like something you'd find at an estate sale and buy just for show. But then maybe you'd realize at home it actually works pretty well, and feels oddly satisfying in action, so you turn down partner at your firm and instead open up a bald log shop on Etsy.

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