DPx Heft 12 Chop Knife

Posted: April 06, 2016
DPx Heft 12 Chop Knife
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I'd say "Heft" is an appropriate choice of names for DPx Gear's forthcoming hard use knife. The Blade Baby Name Book served them well this time. At 18.62" long, with a 12.52" Slepiner stainless steel, 60 HRC business end, DPx welcomes Heft 12 Chop (hmm, not so sure about the middle and last names) to the world. At printing, they were taking pre-orders for a June 2016 ship date.

Heft 12 Chops are made in Italy by LionSTEEL. In addition to their formidable size and aesthetic presence, the fixed knives incorporate Micarta scales and a flattened blade tip fashioned especially for battoning. DPx Gear also notes this serialized first edition of the Heft 12 Chop is their exclusive carry, and each knife comes with a Certificate of Authenticity alongside its black KYDEX sheath.

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