DIY Scrimshaw Knife Kit

Posted: October 08, 2015
DIY Scrimshaw Knife Kit
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I may not have designed it, or forged it, or carved it myself, but I sure as Shine-Ola used my own two hands to emboss my pocket knife with this two-headed grizzly bear. Yessir, I sure did want it to have two heads. It's more intimidating that way.

Fine. I messed up my first try and had to start over.

The DIY Scrimshaw Knife Kit includes all the tools you'll need to create a personalized trapper-style pocket knife in the tradition of whale hunters and American frontiersmen. Back then they carved family names or meaningful images into the whale teeth and buffalo bone of their catches. Now you can learn their craft and do the same, though I doubt the smooth bone handle in this kit comes from a whale or buffalo. It's probably jackalope antler.

The DIY Scrimshaw Knife Kit's pocket knife has two stainless steel blades (3-1/8" length), the bone handle, and nickel silver bolsters. Additional kit materials: steel scribe; India ink; tracing tool; carbon paper; steel wool; and ink applicators.

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