CRKT Freyr Axe

Posted: January 24, 2018
CRKT Freyr Axe
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Nothing fancy or special about the Freyr tactical axe. Except that there's nothing fancy or special about CRKT's strong and simple bearer of the chop. If that's a refreshing change to you, amidst all the overengineered, app-connected "smart" tools out there, then read on. Or just pick up a Freyr axe as a gift for your stodgy old boss who still uses a flip phone and floppy disks, and believes the smartest, most connected, and best equipped machines on earth are his two hands.

Elmer Roush, himself perhaps a stodgy old boss in Brasstown, North Carolina, designed the Freyr axe for CRKT. His axe-making rationale is not to F around with a shape that has proven itself over thousands of years. Named after the Norse god of prosperity, the Freyr's deep beard give nod to the traditional Viking style, while added balance and heft make it more appropriate for contemporary applications.

Like chopping wood instead of enemies.

The Freyr blade is made of hot forged carbon steel that's undergone a passivation treatment to protect it from corrosion. A Tennessee hickory handle massaged by Odin extends from the axe's head. At least it could if you seek out Mr. Wednesday and ask him to massage your axe for you.

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