Cold Steel Gunstock War Club

Posted: July 26, 2022
Cold Steel Gunstock War Club
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Cold Steel calls their Gunstock War Club "culturally significant." It's a replica based on American Indians' 16th century war clubs, themselves modeled after the rifle stocks of European settlers, which the natives observed to have good potential as a bludgeoning weapon. Huh. And somehow, the old adage, "Don't bring a gunstock war club to gunfight" comes to mind.

Designed by bladesmith Rich McDonald, Cold Steel's Gunstock War Club features a historically accurate ridged centerline, a "Fawn's Foot" handle, and a sharp point. However, while traditional war clubs were made of hardwood, this one uses injection molded high impact polypropylene for a higher shock resistance upon impact, plus better wear, as the material won't rot, crack, or splinter. The point protruding from the side of the Cold Steel Gunstock War Club is a 3" 1055 carbon steel blade.

Overall length of the Gunstock War Club is 29.5"; weight is 35.4 ounces.

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