Bosch Inline Demolition Hammer

Posted: March 29, 2018
Bosch Inline Demolition Hammer
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If you thought you knew pounding before, the Bosch Inline Demolition Hammer would like to redefine the word for you. Its design accommodates both horizontal and vertical concrete demo applications at 17 ft.-lbs of impact energy. Bosch says that's up to 40% more, with an 80% higher chiseling rate than the competition, and definitely enough for me to take revenge on the wheel stop in the grocery store parking lot that came out of nowhere when I was doing a pork rinds run last weekend.

Additional SDS-max Demolition Hammer features include vibration control via a longer air cushion, a variable speed dial, and a Vario-Lock, which rotates and locks the chisel into 12 different positions so you can get after it at your best angle.

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