Be a Hero Rescue Tool

Posted: February 14, 2013
Be a Hero Rescue Tool
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Be a hero. Everyone's doing it. And even if they're not contemporary society--particularly the media, and particularly the media talking about celebrities--love throwing that word around and assigning it to people who do little more than scare away pigeons or speak up when someone has toilet paper stuck to their shoe. Where I live the number you call to report violators of the carpool lane is 421-HERO. Now that's some buuulllshit. However, were one to obtain this Be a Hero Rescue Tool, and apply it to a deserved situation--such as bashing in a window, slicing through a seatbelt, and pulling an ex from a burning car, as opposed to doing the window bashing and seatbelt cutting when the car is parked in her driveway and I'm pretty sure she's passed out drunk from a night at the club with Dario--the word could be used appropriately.

Tool Logic's SL6 Rescue earns sick little contraption points for its lightweight (2.7 ounces), relatively small profile sveltely fitted with disaster-averting emergency implements. They include:

  • A 3-inch, 50/50 serrated, blunt tipped safety blade made of stainless steel and designed with a Zytel frame and curved handle for an ergonomic grip. The knife folds and secures inside the multi-tool with a liner-type lock.
  • A seat belt/line cutter with a sharp serrated edge.
  • A sleeve along the top of the SL6 handle that holds a waterproof LED flashlight whose back is also equipped with a window-breaking punch.
  • An ear-piercing built-in signal whistle in the handle, which also contains a pocket/belt clip and lanyard hole for carrying.

Be a Hero Rescue Tools have been specked to accommodate EMS and law enforcement officers, as well as average citizens who took a few turns in the Octagon and now fancy themselves enforcers of the law. Yes, I mean you, Phoenix Jones.

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