Batmobile Robotic Lawn Mower

Posted: March 01, 2016
Batmobile Robotic Lawn Mower

Fine, HUSQVARNA didn't design their Automower to look vaguely like the Batmobile. That's just a happy coincidence. And further reason to shell out a couple grand to purchase a robotic lawn mower to tend unattended to your grass day and night if you have up to half an acre of it out your back door.

The Automower both mows lawns and charges entirely on its own, so you can let it roam freely and perpetually. When the battery runs low, the little Bat Toy that could returns to its charging station for more juice, before heading back out to fight the blades and weeds of Green Gotham once again.

Since the Automower churns around the clock, grass cuttings never get long enough to require raking and bagging--they simply drop back into the sod, and eventually re-fertilize the underlying soil. HUSQVARNA says it robotic lawn mower can maintain yards in any weather, of odd or complex shapes, on rough terrain, and on slopes of up to 35%. If it bumps into an obstacle or your mama's neighbor's fat cat Willard, it simply redirects itself.

Automower blades are made of carbon steel and mounted on an equally strong cutting disc system. It requires much less energy, and in turn costs, to operate than traditional mowers. It is also equipped with an anti-theft system (alarm and trackable signal through the device's app) and built-in safety measures. If the mower leaves the ground or is tipped over, cutting automatically shuts off. Paired with the accompanying app, you can check the Automower's status, or send Start, Stop, or Park commands from anywhere in the world.

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