Barebones Japanese Nata Tool

Posted: May 27, 2018
Barebones Japanese Nata Tool
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Nata chance that overgrown bush is gonna get the best of you this time! (Ladies, I'm talking to you too.) The Japanese Nata Tool from Barebones Living is a hatchet made to thwack! through brush and strip bark, plank wood and slice kindling, all while embodying the company's signature natural, backwoods style.

The hatchet has a vintage-inspired Japanese design, with a 12" easy-sharpen stainless steel blade, and solid steel core extending all the way through its walnut-finished hardwood handle. Barebones says this gives the Nata more stability and a greater swinging weight but, at 2-1/2 pounds, keeps it from being too heavy and bulky to carry.

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