Adventure Mate AM-V2 Multi-Tool

Posted: January 05, 2022
Adventure Mate AM-V2 Multi-Tool
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Ready for some adventure, mate? The AM-V2 from Adventure Mate is a 5-in-1 multi-tool ready to help you chop up, shovel up, hook up, hammer down, and saw through the outdoors. But, like, in a nice way.

Adventure Mate describes their second-generation multi-tool as a next-level Swiss Army Knife and Leatherman. And if by "next-level" they mean way bigger than both, then at least that part is true. But what the AM-V2 lacks in pocket-size...edness, I would hope it makes up for in performance. A single, full-size handle serves as the slide-and-lock base for two different tool heads. One head houses the axe, (foldout) saw, and hook, and the other the shovel and hammer. All of these tools also appear to be full-size too.

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