7-In-1 Angler's Fishing Pliers

Posted: May 12, 2020
7-In-1 Angler's Fishing Pliers
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Just when the 6-in-1 pliers guy thought he had it made. He must be absolutely wracking his septaphobic mind trying to find his way back to the top of the plier chain. Let's see, according to the listing these 7-in-1 pliers include...needle nose pliers (*it is needle nose pliers), a can opener, hook disgorger (I'd use remover here, but disgorger really does imply you're ripping the entire skeleton out of the fish along with the hook so I trust the process), split shot crimper (no clue what that is and I've been fishing since I was 6), fish scaler, bottle opener (show me a multi-tool without one), and a wire cutter.

You know, what if you added like 4 marks up the side of one of those handles, at a set distance? Then you put numbers next to them. Ruler. @6-in-1-pliersguy.

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