1,000-Pound Pull Force Fishing Magnet

Posted: August 09, 2018
1,000-Pound Pull Force Fishing Magnet
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If you're goin' fishin' for some rebar, best not forget your 1,000-pound pull force fishing magnet! Yes, that's right. One. Thousand. Pounds. Of pure neodymium attraction. Best also not forget and slip this thing in your pocket with your phone.

To achieve its estimated 1,000 pounds of pull force, this fishing magnet has a 4.72" diameter and 0.7" thickness, consisting of Ni+Cu+Ni (neodymium) set in a rust-resistant A3 steel cup. On top the steel eye bolt is threaded, and screws directly into the cup.

In addition to tying on a rope, dropping the magnet into your favorite lake, river, or well, and seeing what sorts of treasures you pull up you can also fish on land with the magnet, suspending it from a pole, truck, or other piece of equipment. It could come in especially handy for rings and other pieces of jewelry lost in the grass or down a drain.

In addition to the 1,000-pound bad boy, fishing magnets in this listing come in 4 other pull weights and diameters, ranging from 68 pounds / 1.26" to 500 pounds / 3.54".

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