Tabletop Outdoor Heat Lamp

Posted: March 04, 2021
Tabletop Outdoor Heat Lamp
$149.99 - $159.05
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I don't know about your wife who's always cold, but my wife who's always cold has a hawk's eye for patio heat lamps. And she always manages to finagle us an outdoor table right next to one when we go out to eat, or stakes her claim alongside the sole patio heater like some people do the buffet table if we go to a backyard party whose hosts have invested in their own. Needless to say, she's gonna lose her mind (and hopefully her panties!) when she opens this tabletop-sized outdoor heat lamp I bought her for our balcony.

Star Patio's line of patio heaters store 5100 BTUs of instant, quiet electric heat beneath their shades. Operation is via a lamp-style cord, which takes the device from 0 to its single, 1500W setting with a pull. Star Patio says the tabletop heat lamps are able to toast up around 12 square feet of space, or 4 to 5 people sitting at a table, or one She-Ra: Princess of Power hogging the whole thing to herself.

Pint-sized patio heaters come in 3 styles and Hammered Bronze or Sandy Black colors.

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