Timber Stoves - Wood Pellet Patio Heaters

Posted: January 29, 2021
$1,099 - $1,849
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Wood pellets. Gravity. Venturi effect. I call ye together to my Timber Stove and say, "Let there be heat!" Oh, I guess I need a little lighter fluid too, but electricity? Nay. You stay with the infrared bulbs and propane. I prefer my patio heaters to output twice the BTUs and cause me half the maintenance and usage problems.

Timber Stoves are wood pellet patio heaters made in Oregon by someone who has wood pellets in his blood - Tyson Traeger of the Traeger Wood Pellet Grill family. Now, taking advantage of their inexpensive and efficient burning capacity, and having optimized their ability to power a patio heater with no electricity or moving parts, Traeger has co-opted the fuel source to keep hands and butts warm while eating and entertaining outdoors on cold nights.

Timber Heaters have a wood pellet hopper at the back of the stove that funnels fuel into its firebox such that it covers the unit's fire pot. This creates a "log jam effect" that prevents the fire box from taking on more fuel that it needs. Pellets light manually with either fire gel or charcoal lighting fluid, and as the pellets burn and turn to ash, they shrink up to make room for new pellets to succumb to gravity and pour in.

Timber Stoves disperse heat over a 10' to 12' radius via a draft system that uses the Venturi effect to create a vacuum in the firebox. As the wood pellets burn, their hot air rises and funnels out through the heater's vertical stove pipe, increasing in velocity along the way due to the restriction of the pipe size. This creates the vacuum, which is then able to pull fresh air in through slots on the bottom of the heater to continue stoking the wood pellets in the fire pot.

The gravity-vacuum tag team fuels Timber Stoves' live fires and allows the patio heaters to spread their hot love continuously for hours. No augur, no blower fan, no bulbs, no plugs required. According to Traeger, the elimination of these typical patio heater components also makes Timber Stoves portable, and eliminates their potential for hardware failure.

At printing, Timber Stoves were available in 4 different models, two seemingly more for home use, and two built with surrounding cages that make them more appropriate for restaurant and other commercial outdoor patios.

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