ONIVA Fusion Portable Outdoor Backpack Chair

Posted: March 14, 2020
ONIVA Fusion Portable Outdoor Backpack Chair
$136.63 - $147.95
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Picnic Time brand ONIVA calls its Fusion Chair "a camping throne!" And oh boy do I hope we can kick the COVID-19 pandemic by summer so I can add this portable outdoor backpack chair to my throne rotation. (Throne rotation currently consists of: La-Z throne; dining throne; and porcelain throne, due to coronavirus quarantine.)

The Fusion Chair begins with a powder-coated aluminum frame, with ribbed polyester and canvas seat and back rest padding, able to keep comfy dudes and ladies weighing up to 350 pounds (though if you want to go up to 500, better to check out Guide Gear's Oversized Club Camp Chairs.) The comfort should extend both to sitting on the chair, and to muling it around folded up, thanks to padded backpack straps.

When set up at the beach or around the campfire, the Fusion chair unfolds more than its seat and legs. On the right side you have a tray table with a cup holder and 2-tiered accordion-style shelves below, and on the left a 24-+1-can cooler, with a cellphone pocket, fabric loops for holding an umbrella or sports banner, and additional storage pockets. The cooler component also detaches and carries separately with its own backpack straps.

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