Guide Gear Oversized Club Camp Chair

Posted: September 05, 2019
Guide Gear Oversized Club Camp Chair
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The best times to have one of Guide Gear's Oversized Club Camp Chairs? When you're a large ass man who wants to sit comfortably in a folding chair without worrying it will bust with one wrong move. (And, yes, I know you're just big-boned.) When you want to double up in your camp chair for some cozy lap time by the fire. When your wife kicks you out of the tent and you've got no couch to go sleep on.

The Oversized Club is a camp chair oversized in both dimensions and specifications. It has an honest 500-pound weight capacity and big ol' seat, with arms that taper out to provide even more room for bigger bodies, plus people who like (and are still able, you flexible bastards!) to sit criss-cross applesauce in their chairs.

Capping off Guide Gear's inviting aesthetic is an extra-plush padded cover with built-in mush storage pocket and cup holder. You can choose from navy, tan or red plaid Oversized Club cover colors.

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