Galaxy Grill - TIE Fighter BBQ

Posted: March 21, 2021

Ladies and gentlemen of the Empire, when your swarm of TIE Fighters fails to help you become masters of the galaxy, grab some charcoal and a pair of tongs, and allow them to help you become masters of the Galaxy Grill instead.

A portable BBQ...sculpture might be the best word for it...modeled after a Star Wars TIE Fighter, the Galaxy Grill burns charcoal or wood in its belly to cook up your favorite Imperial meals in a variety of ways up top. Use the grill's iron grate for standard BBQing, or remove it and add a spit to roast your meat over an open flame. You can also place a dry or oil-filled pot / pan on the grill for frying, or use the Galaxy Grill's pot adapter to do some kettle cooking.

Galaxy Grills would make a great Star Wars gift for any fan who also enjoys cooking up some BBQ chicken and brats on the weekend, maybe a nice beef brisket now and then. Plus, I know they have plenty in stock and ready to ship, since Palpatine and Vader turned down Galaxy Grill's offer to supply units to the Imperial forces - they prefer baking.

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