Animal Sculpture BBQ Grills

Posted: August 04, 2021
Animal Sculpture BBQ Grills
$842.04 - $868.18
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I've never tried grilled bear, grilled horse, grilled wolf, grilled bull, or grilled ram, nor do I want to. But I would be amenable to trying a ram grill, bull grill, wolf grill, horse grill, or bear grill (not to be confused with a Bear Grylls, which I'd politely decline.)

Animal sculpture BBQ grills are designed and handmade in England by The Brixton BBQ Co. They slot together powder-coated steel into the 5 different formidable beasts you see above, or perhaps one you like better, such as a hippopotamus or a tardigrade - The Brixton BBQ Co. does take custom orders.

Animal sculpture BBQ grills are indeed fully functional when it comes to cooking up your meaty faves, and when not in use they obviously serve as sweet yard art.

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