ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent

Posted: May 26, 2014
ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent

Dude reader Richard B. wrote to me in reverential verse about the ThermaCELL, a battery-operated personal mosquito repellent. His words were so moving and convincing that I really had no choice but to pass the endorsement along. A sample: "I love doing photography as a hobby and I HATE MOSQUITOS!" Word, Richard. Throw gnats, fruit flies, and no-see-ums into that sentence, and you've just described myself. Well...maybe call "photography" something else too, as my photo archives consist mostly of pictures of me flexing in the mirror and hot girls from covert angles.

With two thumbs and a body's worth of bite-free skin up from both Richard and a handful of Florida swamp gator hunters, ThermaCELL blocks mosquitos' ability to smell and, in turn, feel drawn to our blood. When turned on, its repellent mat and butane cartridge output the active ingredient allethrin, a synthetic copy of the anti-bug chemical found naturally in chrysanthemum flowers. Designed with hunters and military personnel in mind, the ThermaCELL's resultant earth scent provides a silent, oil- and lotion-free means of disguising the eau de human fragrance mosquitos love so much.

ThermaCELLs weigh 11.2 ounces, and so are light enough to clip/mount to a belt, as well as install in the backyard. Each device provides a 15' x 15' zone of protection. To use, insert a butane cartridge into the base of the ThermaCELL and then slide in a repellent mat. Turn the dial to "On" and push the "Start" button. This activates a heating element that will warm the mat and begin vaporizing the repellent into the air. Within 15 to 30 minutes, a 225-square-foot area of bitelessness will form. ThermaCELLs also deter black flies and other flying, insufferable nuisances.

Each ThermaCELL package comes with 1 x personal mosquito thwarter, 1 x butane cartridge, and 3 x repellent mats. Each cartridge lasts around 12 hours and each mat around 4 hours.

The ThermaCELL is a top Dude Gift for the Garden pick.

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