The Softub

Posted: July 03, 2016
The Softub
$3,595 - $5,195
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Indoors, outdoors, on a dock in the middle of the river with a thatch roof on top. The Softub is the kind of hot tub that goes where and does what you tell it to. Without lip and without draining your wallet.

Pitted against acrylic hot tubs, Softubs feel they have the upper hand on numerous counts. In addition to being durable and lightweight for portability, the malleable spas:

  • Need only a level surface, indoors or out, for setup, rather than the construction, excavation, or concrete pad permanent installations often require.
  • Plug into standard household outlets, and require no extra amperage or a 220V-60apm line. Softubs also include a GFI.
  • Take just 1 person and 3 steps to set up.
  • Roll through doorways, down stairs, and across yards. Their heaviest component weighs 95 pounds.
  • Are energy-efficient and less than half the cost of acrylic tubs to operate. In a climate whose average temperature is 65 degrees F, Softub cost is about $14/month, compared to counterparts' $30 to $60.

Softubs contain powerful hydrojets and interior lighting similar to those you'll find in hard tubs. They have a Leathertex exterior and Polybond interior tested to withstand the strength and weight of an elephant. As you can see in the image gallery. Heh.

The Softub T-300+ accommodates up to 6 adults, the T-220 up to 4, and T-140 just you and She-Ra: Princess of Power. Or your friend Cornelius when She-Ra's ticked off because you forgot to screw the lid of the orange juice all the way back on so when she picked it up....

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