The Renegade Broom

Posted: February 22, 2017
The Renegade Broom
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The Renegade isn't likely to make cleanups and yard work more fun, but the thick arched bristles of this curved pull broom should give you more effective, and gratifying results.

Handy Camel's design tweaks put more of the Renegade's prickly surfaces into contact with the surfaces you want to sweep free of dirt, wet leaves and grass, mulch, stones, snow, and construction dust. This makes it easier to catch and clear gunk on uneven areas, or those containing expansion joints and grates, such as brick, stone, and wood. The Renegade can also claw out debris from corners and under desks / workbenches.

The Renegade Broom is available with 18" (listed here) and 14" handles.

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