The ANT Tarp Dragging Yard Tool

Posted: February 20, 2023
The ANT Tarp Dragging Yard Tool
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I've always considered myself a bit of a draft horse - able to move some weight, haul a load, but with no real style or elegance...or coordination behind it. I plow through the job, but it's not pretty.

And on that note, I feel like The ANT tarp dragging yard tool is gonna be my new best friend come leaf cleanup, mulch spreading, and downed branch removal time at my mama's house.

Though lightweight and compact itself, the ANT, like its namesake, is a beast when it comes to helping you lug around yard waste and landscaping enhancements. The 10' long heavy-duty canvas strap has steel carabiners on either end that hook into the grommets of your tarp to make a sort of loose harness, and a thicker, cushioned pad at the center that sits across your chest for comfort. The effect is a more efficient and ergonomic way to pull a loaded tarp, allowing you to walk forward instead of backward, and stand up straight, leaning into the pad, instead of bending over, grabbing the tarp's edges, and tweaking your back as your arms and shoulders beg for mercy.

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