Suncast Wood & Resin Deck Box

Posted: October 02, 2016
Suncast Wood & Resin Deck Box
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As if the end of summer isn't depressing enough, now I have to figure out where to store all of my patio furniture cushions and floating pool bars for the winter. Since everyone thinks I'm the master of looking up crap to buy on the internet (which I am) I've also had 3 people ask me where they can keep their firewood, garden tools, and winter sports gear that's outside, waterproof, and a notch above butt ugly. Well, here ya go: the Suncast Wood & Resin Deck Box.

This is a big ol' bench box whose sides are made of solid cedar wood and top and bottom are resin. Some assembly is required, but all the pieces are pre-cut and pre-drilled. I think it looks pretty nice for what is essentially an outdoor junk drawer. Speaking of which, Suncast's Wood & Resin issue can also hold 300+ pounds of junk in the trunk on top of the trunk (aka 2 adults).

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