Skidger Xtreme Weeder

Posted: May 07, 2021
Skidger Xtreme Weeder
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Make pulling weeds a skidge easier with the Skidger Xtreme Weeder. The long-armed scuffle hoe features a 6" V-blade with an open design Skidger says enables it to slice through weeds no matter where they're growing. Neither soil, nor gravel, nor bark, nor rock garden, nor sidewalk crack can provide safe haven or protection from the Xtreme Weeder's pointed tip and reach-around curvature.

These features also make the weeder easier to use when you need to access tight spots between plants, around hose and drip systems, and under fencing.

The Skidger Xtreme Weeder is fitted with a 54" fiberglass handle with grips. Wonder if Grampa would approve.

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