Seeding Square - Square Foot Gardening Template

Posted: June 15, 2022
Seeding Square - Square Foot Gardening Template
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Not much of a green thumb? Well then, use this Seeding Square gardening template and make sure all the little plants you grow...die perfectly positioned within its square foot grid. Wamp, wamp. The Seeding Square will not solve all of your gardening problems, but it will help the spatially challenged and OCDers plant their seeds perfectly equidistant, as well as maximize plant growth in smaller spaces, such as planting beds.

Based on the Square Foot Gardening growing method, the Seeding Square ensures sown seeds have just the right amount of room to grow to maturity, without wasting an inch of soil space. Color-coded holes in the template match up with an included planting chart of 46 different types of plants. A graduated dibber (dibbler) with seed planting depth markings is also included in the Seeding Square set. A great gift for the gardener.

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