Rain Wizard Rain Barrel

Posted: April 04, 2019
Rain Wizard Rain Barrel
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You might be saying, Rain, rain, go away now, but how's it going to be in July and August, when you see nary a drop from the sky, and the municipality puts a watering ban on lawns and gardens? The Rain Wizard Rain Barrel is a 50-gallon water reservoir you can connect to a downspout on your home to gather up all the goods that flow down. Though made of FDA-approved polyethylene, the barrel's distressed wood grain texture also makes it looks like it could hold wine or whiskey, which should automatically put you in a good mood every time you see it.

The Rain Wizard 50 is designed with a flat back so it can sit directly against an exterior wall, and has anti-debris screens to keep out bugs and gutter gunk. At the bottom of the barrel you'll find a standard 3/4" brass spigot for easy bucket-filling or hose-hookup.

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