Portable Hoseless Misting Fan

Posted: April 07, 2013
Portable Hoseless Misting Fan

I recently got an email from a fan that said, "I hate to be HOT." Hahahaha, get it? A fan that hates to be hot. Actually, I just noticed that hilarious pun after I wrote it. I really did get an email from someone telling me she hates to be hot. I'm not sure if she wanted me to do something about it or was just taking the opportunity to vent to an anonymous person from the Internet who brings her daily joy in the form of witty, introspective, and informative writings on purchasable goods such as Iron Samurai watches and Fundies the underwear built for two but if it's the first one, I might be able to help.

This 18" Auramist cooling fan, called the Milo, sprays a continuous curtain of H2O beads so ultrafine they land dry to the touch, but, in conjunction with the fan blades' air circulation abilities, can reduce surrounding temperatures by up to 30 degrees F. Even better, the Milo requires no hose connection so it's completely portable. The on-board reservoir holds nearly 3 gallons of water (or Bud Light Lime if you want to cool off and relax. And be kissed all over the face by the magical nectar of fairies and unicorns) whose controlled output can last up to 5-1/2 hours.

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