Pest-Deterring Motion-Activated Sprinkler

Posted: November 10, 2013
Pest-Deterring Motion-Activated Sprinkler
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Cats, dogs, paparazzi, neighbor children without the athletic skill to control their damn soccer balls--these are the pests that infiltrate our back yards. Encroach our private domains. Stick their noses where they don't belong. And these are the pests who are about to get a noseful--maybe even a whole face, neck, and gutful--of streaming water as payback for it.

The Scarecrow, a motion-activated sprinkler created to deter pests both four-legged and two from traipsing through your lawn or garden (or skulking under your steamed-up bedroom window), bills itself an "innovative, humane way" to prevent trespassing. One that sends the guilty parties back from whence they came without resorting to "complicated traps or potentially hazardous chemicals," such as snares or deadfalls or mace or McDonald's special sauce.

Contech Electronics has designed the Scarecrow to emit a sudden spray of water in conjunction with unexpected motion and noise. It is most practically installed to protect gardens and plants that commonly fall under the attack of hungry critters or domesticated animals desiring to relieve their bowels. Less practically, but far more enjoyably, a dozen or so Scarecrow sprinkler heads are installed just prior to guests' arrival for my annual White Party. What's that, ladies? Did I forget to mention the Wet Cocktail Dress contest on the Evite?

Each Scarecrow detects and sprays over a 1,000 square foot area, and multiple units can be linked to cover larger areas. Devices measure 17" high.

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